Culture Vulture

My Name is Katia Benini and if I could have, I would have been born in the 50's, teened the 60's and out lived the 70's. I would have ruined my hair in the 80's repped platforms and straight suits in the 90's and now, I would be archiving all my memories in photo albums whilst sipping red wine.

But here I am.

I do not need to long for the past that did not belong to me. Instead, I must uncover my own experiences. Capturing life whether it be wilder-beasts, marine life, people; through film or anything that lights the fire in my heart.

I will make it an ever lasting memory. Whether it be good or bad, black or white, big or small, I am impatient to experience what the world has to offer, to make my footprint amongst the billions of other footprints and hope to protect and share the vulnerable with my generation.

Somehow, someday, when I am satisfied with where I have been, who I have met and what I have achieved, I will have contributed to the conservation of our world, to live in harmony, both beast and human.

In support of David Attenborough's campaign, making people fall in love with our planet better the chance of preserving and protecting it. When a person emotionally connects with something, they will take the time to learn and understand it. People will always stand up and fight for what they cherish.
Debbie Harry once said " I'm a culture vulture, and I just want to experience it all."